Self Initiated Project – HungryHouse Further Research/ Stats

If you did not know HungryHouse was on Dragon Den in 2007 pitching their idea to make HungryHouse the best online ordering takeaway system in the market.

Domino’s have proven that people enjoy ordering food online, from there proven success. 1 in 7 pizzas are delivered this way.

Home Delivered food market was worth 1.2 billion in 2004 and growing by 6%

Average order of £15

The information i have got above is from their pitch on Dragons Den, here is the link:

They said in the pitch that developing and coding the site took them many months/years in doing so. So this is something i am thinking about and with time constraints i wont be able to replica this so maybe i can make some changes.

Maybe letting the customer have a look at the menu but not actually ordering anything because thats the time consuming bit.

Also a commenting system will be added on the website that lets the user after they logged and rate:

Q – Quality
S – Service
V – Value

and then a comment.