Self Initiated Project – Questionaire

I was wondering how could i create a questionnaire to gather results off teammates, managers and fans. Then i found this website called Survey Monkey, this is a website where you can create your own surveys and then post it out on social networks sites or give your audience the link to answer a question specific to the area.

Here is the link for the questionnaire:

The Questions i answered was :

  1. 1. How do you notified about the next match? i.e Where is it being played?, Time, etc.
    Word of Mouth
    Social Media
    Sunday Before
    2. How do you look at the fixtures for the upcoming games? (Specific Source)
    3. How do you see your past results? (Specific Source)
    4. What is the age group of the players ?
    17 to 21
    22 to 29
    30 to 49
    50 or above
    5. What is the age group of your fans ?
    17 to 21
    22 to 29
    30 to 49
    50 or above
    6. Do you keep records of corners, throw-ins, goals scorers, fouls and if you do which?
    Goal Scorers
    Free Kicks
    Other (please specify)
    7. How would you rather see statistics shown?
    Graphically (Pie Charts, Line Graphs, etc)

After i got my results in from the result page of the website i thought what would be a good way to show the results i got back and since Sally loves infographics, here is one for you: