What I’ve been doing over summer?

Learning Laravel:

What I have learned?

I have become more familiar with how Laravel works and it’s differences from building a back-end for scratch like i did last term. Also using a different file structure was new to me but not hard to change to, with Model’s, View’s and Controllers being introduced into my coding knowledge i found a great image to example any newcomer to MVC Process. 400px-MVC-Process.svg

Models –

Models represent knowledge. A model could be a single object (rather uninteresting), or it could be some structure of objects.

There should be a one-to-one correspondence between the model and its parts on the one hand, and the represented world as perceived by the owner of the model on the other hand.

View – 

A view is a (visual) representation of its model. It would ordinarily highlight certain attributes of the model and suppress others. It is thus acting as a presentation filter.

A view is attached to its model (or model part) and gets the data necessary for the presentation from the model by asking questions. It may also update the model by sending appropriate messages. All these questions and messages have to be in the terminology of the model, the view will therefore have to know the semantics of the attributes of the model it represents.

Controller –

A controller is the link between a user and the system. It provides the user with input by arranging for relevant views to present themselves in appropriate places on the screen. It provides means for user output by presenting the user with menus or other means of giving commands and data. The controller receives such user output, translates it into the appropriate messages and pass these messages on to one or more of the views.


After I learnt the in’s and out’s of laravel i decided i wanted to create a basic page with a tutorial i was learning from laracasts.com. I was using Bootstrap as the front end framework to start and its looking good.

What I have has a problem with?

The main problem i had with Laravel was transferring my project to my own web server which i still don’t know how to do it, but hopefully i can resolve this issue when i get back to university.






Although i haven’t started my dissertation as of yet i have gathered all i need to know about what field i am talking about through different resources like books, e-books, web pages, notes that i have taken from the first 2 years about the question which is:

Search Engine Optimization – How it’s changed over the years

Planning for Year 3

I’ve thought in depth of what i can do as my final project and something that i haven’t done yet. So i compiled some ideas of what a website i eventually build what could be about:

Gamelengths – Website about how fast players complete a particular game and then they post their game times.

Game Rankings  – Best games ever

Tournaments – Picking a particular game and creating a website where players can go to an create mini tournaments everyday of the week.

Screenshot Gallery – Where players can post screenshots of games and people can like and comment on the pictures, a bit like Instagram but specifically for games.

Achievements – Where a player can go to the website to see what achievement he has got, which he can share and see the ones that he needs to complete the game at 100%.

Idea’s are still filtering through now and will be posted on this blog.