Final Major Project – Final Idea Thoughts

They are only 2 maybe 3 games that really replicate the Whack a Mole game and I think these could be better designed and have the opportunity to maybe expand on the whole Whack a Mole arcade game.

Other designers have tried to change animals and then re design the title to fit that animal. What they havent done is implement a few animals and give the player more to play in just one app.

So what i’m going to do is have the classic Whack a Mole interface with a Meerkat as the first animal you can play with, but the player gets to pick a different background setting and a different animal.  The standard mole will be and optional character and that will be free but all the others the user will have to pay for.

The different animals will have what their natural environment is, so for example:

Meerkat – Desert

Mole – Grass with Holes in

Chipmunks –  Bushes, Logs etc

Rats/ Mice –  Drainpipes, Water, Sewers

Snakes – Grass

Monkeys – Tree’s

Squirrels –  Woodland

They obviously will be a points system but I havent decided what that will be yet.