Final Major Project – Research

Now I know what game I want to create and need to start researching the other games that are similar or replicated this classic arcade game.

So I have searched the app store that I want to be inducted into and thats the Apple’s App Store.

Whack a Mole Touch


Whack a Mole Touch is a Free game that really replicates the arcade game. This game has different mole types and you have to hit the mole on the head to get your score up.

Whack a Kat


Meerkat Madness or Whack a Kat has the same idea of Whack a Mole but they have tried to put their own spin on things and put meerkats in a ball pool and you have to whack them that way.

You have 90 seconds to score as many points as possible, points are scored by ‘whacking’ meerkats then they pop-up through the balls within the ball pool. Power-ups and bonus balls as also available to help you boost your score.