Final Major Project – Target Audience

Following my research I have concluded what age group I want to be aiming my game at, and thats the same age group as all the other games because I think thats the right target audience to go in.

Age Group 4+

This age group will be perfect because the children are at that age where they will understand what animals they are and not wanting to injure them, just to knock them out.

I have to be weary with what vocabulary i use because they will be terms that they havent heard of before and might have not seen. Also with the Animals, I am going to pick the right animals that they will know. For example the Meerkat, they will have seen the Meerkat because its very popular on television on Compare the Market and maybe use some sayings they use on there.

Also the weapon will have to be none violent because the children wont want to hurt the animals because they will be cute.

The only problem is at 4 – 10 they wont have a mobile or tablet but children used to play flappy bird and other popular games.