Cats – Fifth Lesson


In the Fifth week and fifth lesson we studied, Digital technologies and all the theory behind it. The things that are associated with Digital Technology/Technologies are manipulation of images, digital images and digital production, we therefore talked about each one of them and then we looked at people who tried to apply them to the outside world. We looked at Peter Savile doing the Joy Division cover and True faith, New Order in 1987, he used a different type of style called typography to make it more visual to the viewers. Then we looked at Bladerunner the film, and looked at how that world was so dominated by technology that you wouldn’t be able to live without it, which is kind of like it today. But we also looked at how they looked into the future and everything was cyber, it was technology, Cyber Culture. Then before moving on we looked at a digital design studio which Ive forgotten the name but its constantly under construction and always getting built a bit like how it is today, the world is under construction and theirs always something going on like new buildings created along with landmarks, new materials being found. Its amazing how the maker of this studio has interpreted the world for others to see, and also people can add to the world and make it there’s.

We also looked at new media and determined that new media is all that associated is internet. Over the last lessons which i have been posting we say that something about modernity and post modernity, we have identified that new media is the shift between that and the ways and means of the change of networks of communication. For example thanks to new media we don’t have to go out now to enjoy our afternoons we can just sit at home and watch a movie or browse the web online, while talking to friends. This is all thanks to New Media.

Here are my notes for the fifth lesson:

CATS 5th lesson Page 1


CATS 5th Lesson Page 2

To look at this in more detail look in my log book


Cats – Fourth Lesson


In Cats Week 4 Lesson 4, we went very deep into the experience of modern life. We explored the terms like Modernism and Modernisation and the factors  behind them. As you can see by my notes i write down modernism is the culture regeneration of what is new, what is modern and what is not. Therefore Modernisation is the process/reaction of change that causes modernity in the culture sphere. The way i class wither its in the modernity period or not, historically between 1880 and 1960 and the the things it looks at deeply is the modern art and how that is changed from maybe the first ever photo to in that period. It doesn’t just look at the style of art and photography it looks at all sorts like literature, music, design, philosophy, plays which are all valued to be there for what they have brought through the generations and what we can relate to. We also looked at industrialisation, what it means and where it begin in the 18th century and when it spread to.

i give us a brief description of industrialisation because they will be a longer explanation in my log book but what it is, is the economy building better things for the whole world. So what we see is more cities getting built to spread the numbers and because of these cities getting built work and jobs are being creating for building, buildings, the economy is raising like it hasn’t seen before. Things like the Eiffel Tower and the Crystal Palace are getting built as apart of this rise of the industrial side of the world to create landmarks and provide more jobs.

Notes that i took of that lesson are bellow :

CATS 4th Lesson

CATS 4th Lesson Page 2


CATS – Third Lecture

This Lecture was about semiotics and we went deep into the meaning of what it actually means. We was given various handouts that i have in my file but havent had chance to scan them to put them into my blog. This was also a reminder that the deadline for the visual analysis task was next week.

CATS – Second Lecture


The Second lecture we started off with the homework we had been set and reviewed the answers that will on a picture on the end of the post. After that we split into groups and the task was to pick a game/logo etc then talk about it. For example colour scheme, history, reputation, what it means to us. I had a picture of the Apple logo because i am a big fan and i talked about my notes to the full class with my partner. These notes are in a picture also at the bottom of the post.

After this was over Madeleine set our first visual analysis task about the same task we did in class but a written document that had at least 500 words and the submission being the 19th October. This will be in the 19th October Post.



CATS – First Lecture


First Lesson was a introduction into CATS. Madeleine basically gave us a tour of what we will be covering over the semester and a brief look at all the tasks/ assignments that we will be doing. My thoughts on this module is that im looking forward to getting started because i stuff like theories, conspiracy’s and history, with this my favourite conspiracy is the assassination of JFK which i hope we will cover. All these can be found on Moodle under the module handbook.

Here’s some notes i took from the first lecture..


We was also given some homework to do over the weekend to be handed in next lesson. The Homework will be on the next post.



In this part of my blog i will be posting throughout each semester, lesson and week, what i have learnt, what needs doing in terms of tasks/assignments and also uploading all my notes i take from each lecture.
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