Crafts and Media : Audio – Evaluation


The final edit is done and all the paperwork is their to be submitted and this post is just to review on how i thought i did over this full assignment.

Overall now listening to the final edit i feel comfortable that we all put our best into this final piece of work of Audio. But even from the first assignment in this subject ( the one that didn’t get marked ) i was pretty comfortable of using software like Audacity and Adobe Audition because i am familiar with that software and done projects in and away from uni.

Things i could improve :

Little features of the recording studio i might of not picked up.

Other little features that i haven’t heard of in Audacity and Adobe Audition

Things that we could do if we was asked to do it again :

Apart from the subject we did and that we left it to the final week to record, but that cant be helped due to bookings and other people in the class.



Craft and Media: Audio – Script


Here is a copy of the script.

Opening music: Chachalala by Jim Johnson

Narrator: Rivers Johansson is a singer/song writer born in Beverley, East Yorkshire he is most
famously known as the third member of the proclaimers. He has returned to Beverley after a 4 year
hiatus in Australia. He is currently touring Beverley with his new blues band Bad Hat Harry.

Interviewer 1: Good morning listeners and welcome to another episode of Butternut Squash Music
mix. I am your host Hayley Williams and today we have a special guest.

Interviewer 2: Hey Ross Barnett here. Today we have Rivers Johansson joining us. But before we get
started here is a clip of his latest show at the house of blues in New Orleans.

Play clip of lies in our grave by Rivers Johansson

Interviewer 1: Thanks for joining us today.

Rivers: Thanks for having me

Interviewer 2: So Rivers what got you into music what was your Charlie Chaplin finding the hat

Rivers: Answers the question

Interviewer 1: Who was your biggest influence, your biggest musical crush.

Rivers: Answers the question

Interview2: So Rivers how did you break into the music industry.

Rivers: Answers the question

Interviewer1: So Rivers how is the new record coming along

Rivers: Answers the question

Interviewer2: So you’re currently touring Beverley how is that going

Rivers: Answers the question

Interviewer2: Well thanks for coming in Rivers it has been fun

Rivers: Thanks for having me; it is good to be back in my home town of Beverley.

Play clip of outdoor type to end

Fade to silence



Crafts and Media: Audio – Treatment


As apart of the documentation that needs to be added with our group work we have to submit a treatment which basically says what we are doing in the actual documentary and what each line is etc.

The Documentary will open with a brief introduction to the Radio Show if you haven guessed what we are doing in recent posts, it will also introduce the interviewers and the interviewee. This will be done initially between the 2 interviewee’s because their isn’t really a Radio Host to talk.

The Next segment in the Radio Show is a narrative. Because we are doing a narrative discussion we have to have a talk over somewhere in our audio. So in our recording time we had Rivers talking about his life which will be broadcasted after the introduction is kicked in, this will be followed by various sound bites of Rivers band’s music.

The discussion will then start with a brief Hello and its good to be hear.

Then the interviewees will ask questions to Rivers and they will be in the script that i will be uploading soon.

Then the audio will end with ‘This is a has been a ‘Radio Show’ broadcoast etc just to make the listeners sure that the discussion has finished and that should be the end of the 5 minutes.


Crafts and Media: Audio – Proposal


As a Web Group and with a musician in our group we have come to a decision as a group that for our 5 minute presentation that we are going to do a Q&A style discussion with ‘Rivers Johansson’. With Rivers playing in just a couple of his hometown venues we are going to spark it up a little bit by just saying he’s a professional artist and has a couple of hits in the chart just so we can fill that 5 minutes up with some content. In this Q&A style discussion we will be adding some sound bites of Rivers Band just if the listener hasn’t heard of his music before they have a little taster.


Crafts and Media: Audio – Research


Now we have decided that we are doing a Q&A type discussion with a Musician, i have decided that i would do some research into the field we are doing to get some background knowledge on asking questions.

Anyway I was looking on the net and mainly magazines and top radio shows are recoignised with Q&A type discussions and hear are a couple:

NME – : This is a well known music magazine that does alot of Q&A with artists on new tracks, albums stuff like that. Along with this magazine they are more like kerrang etc. These also do Blogs, Vlogs and write up of who they are reviewing.

BBC Radio – : This is also a well known radio show that attracts millions of listeners every day because of their well organised and delivered content.  Because these type of radio shows are more into the ‘Top 40’ they only review them sort of band but with BBC Radio having many more channel’s like Radio 2,3,4 etc the content that they promote changes in the type of genre the viewers listen to.