Final Major Project – Future Build Concept

Due to time constraints and other projects I haven’t had time to finish my project, so what I did was create a concept of what specific areas will look like to get a visual of how the app will look like when finished.

Whack Animation

I created a concept of how the whack animation will look like when the app is finished. Every time the player clicks on the animal to whack it, it will produce a cartoon-like mallet.



For the store which I didn’t have time to do, I created a concept idea of how it will look. In the store you will be able to purchase different characters to play them in the game. They will be able to purchase these items with a PayPal account that will pop up in game.


Personal Degree Show Requirements

In one of my last posts I designed a layout of how I wanted my desk setup for the degree show.

In this post they will be the costing for the stuff I have ordered for the Degree Show:

2x Clear Desktop Business Card Holder Stand Display Dispenser Office = £2.78 + P&P

1x Mobile Phone GPS Universal Car Windscreen Suction Mount Holder Cradle Stand = £3.09 + P&P

100x Personal Business Cards of VistaPrint = £15

IPhone 5 acquired to show the app for Degree Show


Twitter Account

I already have a personal Twitter account but since Social Media is key in job recruitment in this modern world, I have created a professional Twitter account under my own brand.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 16.18.21


Here is the URL:

Degree Show Layout

Here is the layout of my desk I would like at the Degree Show.

I would like one screen to show the landing page of the app, so users can download the app.

The Second Screen will show my online professional portfolio to give the future employers some background into all my work.

They will be a stand where a phone with the game will be downloaded on which the viewer will be able to play.



Online Professional Portfolio

Here is image of my Online Professional Portfolio:

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 14.26.54This website will showcase my work that I want future employers to see. The work that will be on here will be the ones that think are up to a professional standard.

Here is the websites URL:

Final Major Project – Infographic Picktograph

After my meeting with Sally, she suggested that I create a infographic on Picktochart which I originally did for my last individual project in Adobe Illustrator but Picktochart has some great free templates, so I decided to build one on there.

The infographic will show the raise in mobile weither thats games or just the use of them against the old way of playing games and surfing the net, the computer.

Here is the final image:

Mobile Games