Final Major Project – Submitting App to Apple’s App Store

To submit an app on Apple’s App Store you will need to buy an Apple Development Account. The iOS Developer Program annual fee is 99 USD, the Mac Developer Program annual fee is 99 USD, and the iOS Developer Enterprise Program annual fee is 299 USD, in local currency where available. Prices may vary by region and are listed in local currency during the enrollment process.

Once you have an Apple Development account you can then start to build an application to submit to app. The basic form is like a landing page on the App Store already you just have to fill in the blanks with images and description.

Here is how the interface looks:

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.06.53


As you can see it has all the relevant information that you need for the app along the top.

Pre-Release – Show’s all the builds that you have submitted, also access the Testflight Beta Testing through this link.

Pricing – Ask’s how much you want users to pay for this app.

In-App Purchases – If the app has any In-app purchases you will be able to control the price and distribution of them in this link.

Game Centre – If the app implements Apple’s game centre then you will be able to control that in this link.

Reviews – This link will only work when the app’s on the App Store, this section controls all the reviews you have on the app store.

Newstand – If your app has a Newspaper or a Magazine then you can submit them in here.

The app is now submit for review and if it doesn’t get reviewed and put on the app store before the degree show I will just use the test flight app to show how the app works.

Final Major Project – Apple Beta Testing

In Apple’s Development, when you distribute an app to the app store, every build you submit you will be able submit that build for Apple’s own beta testing, Testflight.

TestFlight is an online service for over-the-air installation and testing of mobile applications, currently owned by Apple Computer and only offered to developers within the iOS Developer Program. Developers signed up with the service to distribute applications to internal or external beta testers, who could subsequently send feedback about the application to developers. The TestFlight SDK additionally allowed developers to receive remote logs, crash reports and tester feedback.

It’s a simple download of an app and then the distributor sends an email to the tester, and then it’s a simple install. Testflight has many positives and one is that when you distribute your app you will can submit what you want the user to test and then a brief description of what the apps about:


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 10.56.15

Invitations have been sent out and feedback is coming in, I will be listening.