Marketing For the Web – Login and CMS Problems

On my 4 Elements site, the administrator can log in and log out. The only thing is with the Login say if i use my username and password and its successful the login box will stay their even though the user has logged in.

This is a problem i have been having for a couple of weeks now. The problem is how can i hide this div, and i have been experimenting for weeks now and researching online but the same piece of code pop ups and i know its the right code but maybe i am either putting it wrong or misplacing it. The code is:

    jQuery('#hideshow').live('click', function(event) {        

This cannot be done in HTML/CSS, it has to be done by either Jquery or JavaScript.

The second issue i had with building a site with Parallax is the Content Management System. Since this is only a one page website unlike websites that have 3 or 4 pages i found it very difficult to refresh the page or even get the cms system to fit in wit my website.

I have now had to draw a line under it to focus on all my other stuff but apart from the login box little problem which doesnt make a difference it will be fine.


Designing for the User – Technical Requirements


After i have defined the what who my audience are and the plans i have thought through in my sketch book, i need to consider some other factors before i start building my website and these are :

  1. Budget – Theirs no budget for this project because im designing for myself to be viewed by the user and not designing it for a company. Then again if they was a budget i would have to work to my best ability to stay within them constraints because as a designer you don’t want to be asking them for more money cause you spent it all in a day. ( Key Skill )
  2. Timeframe – This is also big when designing anything for a user like a website or a magazine etc. A Timeframe is hard to stick to but with a well planned out diary and then note your code you should have it done on time, also if failing a specific date that the website supposed to be live then this could result in losses of users and income.
  3. Target Audience – As i have said in Previous posts i am designing for older adults who are looking to book their party online and with research i class them as 40 – 60 year old.
  4. Feel of Product – As a designer you have to feel what you are selling because with negative thoughts and negative mindset this could result in missed code and then prone to cyber attacks. So a reason with getting through this is when picking a job make sure the company really sell the business to you when on the interview and like always don’t just concentrate on designing this website, relax from time to time.
  5. Code – I Will be writing it in HTML 5 and CSS3
  6. Framework – Well im looking at different frameworks online, and when coding thinking towards more of a responsive website and i can also check this on my iPad.
  7. This Website wont have a Content Management System (CMS) because i will not need to implement that into it, the user can either send an email to the admin or ring them up on the telephone. A admin will secure this website and constantly checking the server just to make sure they don’t attract hackers and viruses.