Self Initiated Project – Inspiration

I have set up a Pintrest account where i can look at other peoples design to draw inspiration into my own work.

I have set up various borders like Infographics, this is where i am looking at the quality at other companies/peoples infographics to see what mine is missing.

Colour – I thought whilst i have got this account it would be a great tool to see other designers colour pallete to see what worked and what didn’t.

Flat Design- Flat Design is the next big thing in the world of designs, that much so Apple have incorporated it into there interface in IOS7 and whatever they do it catches a trend. I’m not so keen on IOS7 but looking at other peoples work on flat design has sold it to me and it might be inspiration for work in future projects.


Interactive Enviroments – More Colour

In our concept we went back in time for more black and white because as you know back in them days they didn’t have any colour.

But then in one of Rivers designs they was a slight touch of sepia in their and we really liked it so we sat down with sally and thought how can we interpret that into our designs and that’s what we did, if you have a look down to out final designs you will see throughout the application you will see a slight shade of sepia.

This is the colour template we wanted to go for:

colour2 colour1

Visual Communications: Assignment 1 Testing Different Font Types and Colours


In the image below i have picked my brand name just need to fit the graphic to a suitable type font and colour to make sure that they isnt any different meanings or it doesnt look right. Here is a picture of me picking 3 different type faces and a range of different colours to go with that type font.