Visual Communications : Assignment 3 – Contents Page


I Have had a look at various examples of contents pages within magazines and i haven’t found many on the web, so i had a look at some templates that i could use but they wasn’t many of them aswell. Here is a picture i found that doesn’t resemble a contents page but it could have great potential to be a contents page if designed :


I really thought this was a good idea for a contents page because the number could be the page numbers and then the writing right next to it will be the description of the page or page title.

But realising that, that would be time consuming just for a contents page i thought i would base my content page on this image i found off the net and it will span over another double page even though i am doing the necessary 2 double pages that are already in the brief.


This is off a food magazine but i feel it has the potential to change it into a technology magazine. The graphic that i have on my front cover, i will strip that and apply it on the first page of the double page. Then on the other page i could have a banner for each page then a title .

You will see how the contents page will look like when i upload my PDF of my magazine