Visual Commmunications: Assignment 1 Product Guidelines


I have produced for my first assignment a PDF file containing all the legal and planning documentation i drew up when creating this brand, within this PDF it consists of colour schemes for the brand, main competitors and what you can do when importing this into a document for example letter.

Theirs a link down below of the PDF file, so whenever a company wants to look at the background of our business then they can download this online.

Deathstar Productions Product Guidelines


Visual Communications: Assignement 1 Final Design


Here is my final design that i have decided to stick to. Deathstar Productions is the brand but as you know the Deathstar has been traced in a way from Star Wars buts its fine to stick with it since ive done so much work developing the brand. Deathstar Production is a business that helps up and coming small businesses to multimedia services such as web and app development, Games design. I’ve kept the font and graphic dark because its relates to being in space and that the stars are the limit in some words.