Visual Communications – Assignment 3 Editorials Designers

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Here are a couple of editorial designers i have researched who have various websites and do mainly magazines that is the area i am doing :

Mark Porter –

“I’ve been lucky enough to work on some very high-profile print projects, and in recent years I’ve had top-level experience of web design and in the process acquired an understanding — and love — of digital media. This puts me in a very privileged position and I’m currently on a mission to convince the world that the constraints and behaviours of the digital world are not incompatible with timeless editorial design values.

I’ve been a staff art director on wonderful magazines like Wired  and Colors, and worked with some of the most prestigious newspapers in the world. I’m still creative director of The Guardian, because it’s probably the best editorial design job there is — the 2005 redesign which I was responsible for is widely acknowledged as the most important newspaper design project of the last 20 years. But I also work independently with other media organisations and publishers, sometimes on full redesigns but increasingly as an advisor and speaker. ”

This is off the about me page on his website that is

Here are 2 photos of the his front cover magazines –



Both of these have been used by the guardian, so as  a editorial designer he is doing something right.

Michael Wilson –

“Michael Wilson is obsessed with ideas, textures, and type. He is a designer, art director, and illustrator living in Brooklyn, drawing inspiration from music, movies, and the city in which he lives.

Michael creates images and visual strategies that are often stripped down to their most basic form in order to get through to an audience that is drowning in stimulus. There is always an attention to attitude and personality in his work. “New projects, especially branding projects, are sort of like raising a child,” he says. “The process gives the idea a life its own.” That process is one comprised of listening, research, and experimentation. “My favorite part of any new project is the first client meeting. Extracting the idea from one person’s head and getting it out on the table is not only exciting, but crucial to the design.”
This is on his about page of his online portfolio which is :
As seen in the about bit of his page he focuses more on posters, typography that i will be covering in other posts and the posters are also good for the brochure which i aren’t covering. Here are 2 examples of the posters he has created :
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Visual Communications – Assignment 3 Choice


In the Assignment brief it states it pretty clear that in this assignment we are exploring the art of editorials.

So in this assignment we have to pick between 3 things and these are:

  • Graphic Novel
  • Magazine
  • Brochure about an Event

The one i have chosen is the Magazine but haven’t thought of a theme of such yet and looking forward to Dave about what are the boundaries of the theme it can stretch to.

The reason i have chosen the Magazine is because we have been doing a lot about grids etc in class and knowing that they all can be used within each option i feel that it is relevant that i use it it the magazine because i read a lot of magazines from EDGE, XBOX 360 magazine and web development magazines.

The graphic novel didn’t really face me because the idea of be drawing a person is hilarious, so me trying to do a heap of artwork for a novel would be impossible.

Also the brochure was in my consideration but i had no event to do it on although i could of made up one.

The next couple of posts on this WordPress will be all the research that i have done about different magazines that are out their, editorial designers etc