Visual Communications : Assignment 1 Font and Colours


Here is a couple of fonts and colours i experimented on my first assignment of branding which was Deathstar Productions.


I finally ended up with the black version of font 2 which i though it would suit the Deathstar itself being that it is in space and it associates with darkness etc.


Visual Communications: Assignment 2 Various Font types and Colours


After my final design i decide that i would look at different font types and font colours to depend what colours im going to have my logo for my business card and letterhead but also what colours i can allow to people who want to alter my logo.

Final Font Type: Noteworthy, I got this of the website DaFont and i think it shows off an web designers vibe. It shows yes they can code but they can also create fancy pieces of text and designs.

Final Font Colour: Ive gone for the bog standard black font colour here because i think it matches the font type which is like you have written the text yourself and you wouldn’t do that with any other colour. But i have also picked the red colour because of me being a Liverpool fan and liking the colour red, people will recognize me for my love of Liverpool and also shows change like a freelance web designer itself.

Here is the picture of the designs i created in Adobe Illustrator:

Example-of-Lettering-and-Colours Thanks