CATS – First Lecture


First Lesson was a introduction into CATS. Madeleine basically gave us a tour of what we will be covering over the semester and a brief look at all the tasks/ assignments that we will be doing. My thoughts on this module is that im looking forward to getting started because i stuff like theories, conspiracy’s and history, with this my favourite conspiracy is the assassination of JFK which i hope we will cover. All these can be found on Moodle under the module handbook.

Here’s some notes i took from the first lecture..


We was also given some homework to do over the weekend to be handed in next lesson. The Homework will be on the next post.

Final Idea (Site Map)


Following on from my final idea, i have produced a site map that is my final template on which my website navigation will be based on.


Index –  This will be the main page with all the links to other pages and basically introducting you into the website

History- This will display all the vital history of Liverpool Football Club

Timeline- Will display a timeline in javascript that will also show the history of Liverpool Football Club but show it in a more visual display, so the user will interact with the page more.

Gallery- Will show pictures via javascript of the History of Liverpool Football Club.

About Us- Details of website, admin and even maybe a contact form for feedback for the website

More to Follow……