Final Major Project – Infographic Picktograph

After my meeting with Sally, she suggested that I create a infographic on Picktochart which I originally did for my last individual project in Adobe Illustrator but Picktochart has some great free templates, so I decided to build one on there.

The infographic will show the raise in mobile weither thats games or just the use of them against the old way of playing games and surfing the net, the computer.

Here is the final image:

Mobile Games

Self Initiated Project – Inspiration

I have set up a Pintrest account where i can look at other peoples design to draw inspiration into my own work.

I have set up various borders like Infographics, this is where i am looking at the quality at other companies/peoples infographics to see what mine is missing.

Colour – I thought whilst i have got this account it would be a great tool to see other designers colour pallete to see what worked and what didn’t.

Flat Design- Flat Design is the next big thing in the world of designs, that much so Apple have incorporated it into there interface in IOS7 and whatever they do it catches a trend. I’m not so keen on IOS7 but looking at other peoples work on flat design has sold it to me and it might be inspiration for work in future projects.