Visual Communications – Assignment 3 Magazine Research


In this post i have created a theme for my magazine that the colour scheme will be based on and that will be technology, internet and web sort of style that will be shown within my work.

So i have had a look at some ‘techy’ magazine front covers that i will try to resemble but get no where near because the people who design these front covers have had years of practice in the editorial industry and if i can do even half of what they do i will be happy.

So i have had a look at T3, .NET  and Web Designer magazines for inspiration before i even touch a piece of software and here is a couple of front covers :


In this one i have found out in many of T3 they use models instead of having a ‘techy’ picture and this is a root most technology magazines are going because they are trying to attract the young boys and if they cant get that out of the technology they are reviewing then always having a woman on the front cover will pull their strings.

cover_web_designer WD189

These from Web Designers is something i am going to try and aim at because its going to be more in my sort of range then hiring a model on ‘big bucks’ to star in high end magazine.

Their was also .NET what use the same sort of style that i am going to try and interpret which i feel i can do to a high standard if it doesn’t involve me drawing at some stage.


As you can see these magazines are basically down to the web design which is a big part of my life now because i want to become a web designer otherwise i wouldn’t be on this course and purchasing and reviewing these magazines gives me a insight how the real Web designers do it and i can also relate this to other subjects like ‘Visual Communications’


Visual Communications – Assignment 3 Choice


In the Assignment brief it states it pretty clear that in this assignment we are exploring the art of editorials.

So in this assignment we have to pick between 3 things and these are:

  • Graphic Novel
  • Magazine
  • Brochure about an Event

The one i have chosen is the Magazine but haven’t thought of a theme of such yet and looking forward to Dave about what are the boundaries of the theme it can stretch to.

The reason i have chosen the Magazine is because we have been doing a lot about grids etc in class and knowing that they all can be used within each option i feel that it is relevant that i use it it the magazine because i read a lot of magazines from EDGE, XBOX 360 magazine and web development magazines.

The graphic novel didn’t really face me because the idea of be drawing a person is hilarious, so me trying to do a heap of artwork for a novel would be impossible.

Also the brochure was in my consideration but i had no event to do it on although i could of made up one.

The next couple of posts on this WordPress will be all the research that i have done about different magazines that are out their, editorial designers etc