First Design Drawings


In the photos below i have sketched a couple of designs that i may consider for my final design for my website.

First Photo Shows that the navigation bar will be below the header, and the content will be in the middle with space for adverts or tags etc on the side.

Image of Navigation Bar Close up

First Drawing with all detail

In this second set of images this was my other design. This one has the same header but i have changed the navigation bar from below the header to the side. The reason for this is that it Free’s up the top and gives the user faster navigation for example the user can see what content is without scrolling down because it will show up at the side of the nav bar.

Second Design Sketch

Side Navigation of the Second Sketch

My First Site Map


The Image below will show the first site map i have created for my project website that i am currently working. As the Site is still only being planned out this site map might change.

This site map shows how the back-end of the layout will be based on. The index page will be centralised as you can see with all the other pages being easy accessible on the page but as the user changes pages he can still navigate back to the index and all other pages related to the website.

First Site Map