Crafts and Media: Audio – Research


Now we have decided that we are doing a Q&A type discussion with a Musician, i have decided that i would do some research into the field we are doing to get some background knowledge on asking questions.

Anyway I was looking on the net and mainly magazines and top radio shows are recoignised with Q&A type discussions and hear are a couple:

NME – : This is a well known music magazine that does alot of Q&A with artists on new tracks, albums stuff like that. Along with this magazine they are more like kerrang etc. These also do Blogs, Vlogs and write up of who they are reviewing.

BBC Radio – : This is also a well known radio show that attracts millions of listeners every day because of their well organised and delivered content.  Because these type of radio shows are more into the ‘Top 40’ they only review them sort of band but with BBC Radio having many more channel’s like Radio 2,3,4 etc the content that they promote changes in the type of genre the viewers listen to.


Designing for the User : Examples of Websites


Seen as my subject area is Party Organising for Older Adults, i have researched numerous times on the internet and i have only found 2 websites that are owned by the same company in America but deliver the same outcome.


As i have said both of these are based in America but they highlight all of the various venues around that state and then the user can book that venue by one click of the button.

These websites are really simple and i will be looking at how i can promote the venues and implement the interaction of the user.

I have done some sketches in my notepad on how i would like to plan it out and that will be submitted with at the end of semester 2.

Obviously knowing that England haven’t got the venues like America have so i will have to research into different venues like ie Riley’s Snooker Club and that would have to be suitable for an Older Adult party.


Information Architecture : Timeline

Hi ,

With both of my websites i try and add a jquery type side to it so i can add a bit of style and user interaction to my website but i now know that you dont need to have that to make your website as slick and simple, knowing that some jquery examples can also be a bit complicated at times, that’s what i didn’t want my website to be.

So i decided that with me doing a Liverpool FC history site, i thought that i would apply a timeline where the user would be able to browse the football clubs history, so i decided to browse i couple of websites for example jquerys i could implement them into my website.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 20.51.13


So i did some experiments with the first one, because i really liked that one and it didn’t go well. I only wanted it to be simple but  i tried messing around with the divs and then finally give up with it in the end.

So i decided that instead of implementing Jquery in my website, when tried before with the navigation it didn’t work in my preferred browser, i’d just do my own.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 21.08.41

The timeline consists of the main events that have happened up till the present day, with the key dates highlighted in bold. Along the side is a red timeline with the dates aligned with the key information on the left. The information has the right amount of detail on each event, because having all of the information i might aswell right a book and the users are more interested in the key dates like Hillsborough 1989 which has more because its a key date in Liverpool’s History and no one can disagree that.


Visual Communications: Assignment 2 Letterhead research


I knew if my personal branding had a business card for the clients it also needs a letterhead for the old fashion letters i will also be using aswell as emails which will be more on my side but i know i have to appeal for the users that don’t know how to use email but want a website.

Here is my research that i will show in my PowerPoint Presentation:

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 15.48.09

This is a screenshot of my letterhead research on my PowerPoint presentation i will show, basically shows 3 letterheads i have researched and then to the final letterhead that i have created in the next entry.


Interactive Communication Design Research


When i first started out on planning my Portfolio Website i thought i would do some Research. Here are a couple portfolio websites i have researched and really like:




  1. I really like the first ones header, I think im going to implement the expanding header into my designs because it gives a reliability to the website for the user knowing that if he scrolls up to the top that he will hit the header on every page.
  2. On the second one i like that the navigation bar is apart of the header not below on other websites and that the logo is beside it, also indicating that if the user gets lost within the web page he can just scroll to the top of the header to see the nav bar there also. Its Accessible!!
  3. I really do like the last one and this is the one i would most likely to implement this into my website is that they have an expanding header and footer with content in both of them. In the header their is the logo and navigation bar and they is space in the middle for all my content.


Photography : Research

Humber Bridge Project

Hi Mark,

Here is my research for Humber Bridge. Even though i live in Hull there’s also some facts that i am not familiar with and have educated me.

 Here is my Research below:

“The Humber Bridge, Near Hull England, is a 2428-yard single-span suspension bridge, which opened to traffic on 24 June 1981. When it opened Humber Bridge was the largest suspension bridge in the world but now it only lies sixth.  The bridge opened to traffic on 24 June 1981. Elizabeth II opened it officially on 17 July 1981. Even though the Humber Bridge in England is no longer the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world, it remains the longest that can be crossed on foot, due to the fact that its lower level has both a footpath and a bicycle path. Its suspension cable wires can encircle the earth twice. The Humber Bridge sits in the River Humber between Hessle and Barton Upon Humber.

Plans for a bridge were originally drawn up in the 1930s, and were revised in 1955, but work did not begin until 27 July 1972. The Humber Bridge Act, promoted by Kingston Upon Hull Corporation, was passed in 1959. This established the Humber Bridge Board in order to manage and raise funds to build the bridge and buy the land required for the approach roads.”

Referencing :