CATS – Second Lecture


The Second lecture we started off with the homework we had been set and reviewed the answers that will on a picture on the end of the post. After that we split into groups and the task was to pick a game/logo etc then talk about it. For example colour scheme, history, reputation, what it means to us. I had a picture of the Apple logo because i am a big fan and i talked about my notes to the full class with my partner. These notes are in a picture also at the bottom of the post.

After this was over Madeleine set our first visual analysis task about the same task we did in class but a written document that had at least 500 words and the submission being the 19th October. This will be in the 19th October Post.



CATS – First Lecture


First Lesson was a introduction into CATS. Madeleine basically gave us a tour of what we will be covering over the semester and a brief look at all the tasks/ assignments that we will be doing. My thoughts on this module is that im looking forward to getting started because i stuff like theories, conspiracy’s and history, with this my favourite conspiracy is the assassination of JFK which i hope we will cover. All these can be found on Moodle under the module handbook.

Here’s some notes i took from the first lecture..


We was also given some homework to do over the weekend to be handed in next lesson. The Homework will be on the next post.