Information Architecture : Final Outcome


In this post i will be giving you a brief final thoughts and how i felt the website went. So lets start it off by looking at the index page:

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 23.24.53

Here is my index page and it shows the basic framework for this website not much to look at, at the front page but its more about the content that comes in the other pages. I would of had a picture slider instead of the Welcome to LFC History but once i got it onto Internet Explorer it decided not to work and their was not fix for it, so i didn’t really have much choice. Bottom three boxes contain of a welcome to the page, a News box that will be changed frequently and also a Top 5 which will change between players, managers etc.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 23.25.03

So i did some experiments with the first one, because i really liked that one and it didn’t go well. I only wanted it to be simple but  i tried messing around with the divs and then finally give up with it in the end. So i decided that instead of implementing Jquery in my website, when tried before with the navigation it didn’t work in my preferred browser, I’d just do my own.

The timeline consists of the main events that have happened up till the present day, with the key dates highlighted in bold. Along the side is a red timeline with the dates aligned with the key information on the left. The information has the right amount of detail on each event, because having all of the information i might aswell right a book and the users are more interested in the key dates like Hillsborough 1989 which has more because its a key date in Liverpool’s History and no one can disagree that.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 23.25.08

Now on the Photos page here is a bit of Jquery which is called Lightbox which i have tested before creating this website and i like it for viewing photos. Each thumbnail is a highlight of the specific year on the timeline and has the year as caption. I really wanted some Jquery in this website and here it is.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 23.25.14

and to round off the website i have decided to implement a contact page so the user can give me some criticism back the only thing wrong with it dosent work because i haven’t got no PHP implemented within it because that is in semester 2 and i have only done little. So hopefully when i learn some more knowledge i can then make it work.

I am happy with this website and i think it does what it explains in the brief and i haven’t breached any copyright, that why i havent just copied the Liverpool crest because i didnt know the rules between using their logo and i researched other Liverpool  history pages and they dont use the logo and pictures. So i decided not to and i think it worked.



Second Design (Best one)

Here is my second design and i think my best design. Here i have been looking at various websites on the web for inspiration, and i have mocked up this one which i think its going to be my main design. This index page will have a bit of everything on like Jquery, some text boxes. Also i have decided that i will have the global navigation in header because as you can see from the other design, it looks more stylish for the navigation to be in the header because the user will automatically know where the nav bar will be when they open the page. Unlike having the nav bar on the left, right or on the bottom. Also to make a point none of these two designs have a nav bar on the right because if the user happens to minimize the page it will cut the nav bar off and that will not happen in my web pages. This is my final design because i didn’t really have any more designs to give to Information Architecture so Kevin said that it was alright to stick with 2 if i couldn’t think of 3.


Final Idea


After much debate with Kevin i have decided that having a website based just on Liverpool is unethical because they is only one colour scheme that resembles Liverpool Football Club and also all the content that will be on the website will need Liverpool certification for me to display it. So on the meanwhile i have figure out the i can base my website about Liverpool, but only there history because that is Fact and people can look at there history free of charge.

So using the other ideas as a base i will now be creating a new site map and new designs for my final idea.

More to Follow……

My First Site Map


The Image below will show the first site map i have created for my project website that i am currently working. As the Site is still only being planned out this site map might change.

This site map shows how the back-end of the layout will be based on. The index page will be centralised as you can see with all the other pages being easy accessible on the page but as the user changes pages he can still navigate back to the index and all other pages related to the website.

First Site Map