Designing for Dynamic Content – Conclusion


The First thing that comes to my mind and users would be that this is defiantly a thematic dynamic website that is basically themed on a range of different cars and educates them with the description I have put in the search page.

With this website it’s simple but elegant and that as well with the header that I created with the transparent background that clear pushes the logo forward for the user to instantly click that this a website about cars.

Some things that as a web designer you would keep this in the back of your mind would be to put that Basic CMS System in because that could easily be implemented into this site because the room is there for a login system.

Maybe more sketches of different cars could be added to make this website expand more and making more content in the gallery to look at because theirs only about 6 pictures in there and also the way the data is represented when the user has searched for a car. These are only pointers but could change for the success of this website.


Designing for Dynamic Content – Research


I was searching Google for some thematic dynamic websites but found very little, in some cases i was linked back to new media website and that was previous students reports. Anyway i thought i would just research into some of the websites that the second years did because that’s the only ones i could find.

There was many good websites that the second years did but 2 stood out to me and that was:

Ben Hargreave –


Sacha Corazzi –