Visual Communications : Assignment 4 – Advertisment Treatment


In this post i will be writing about how the advertisement will plan out and every little detail that i have drew up on my storyboard, I will be explaining every little detail and thoughts behind when i was building this advert.

Scene 1 –

In the first scene or the first movement of the advert they will be a ‘Mountain Lion’ prowling its own habitat, with the camera focusing on the movement of the cat and its eyes. Let alone this will be in 1080p, so the highest standard possible because i want to get a message to the users that Apple and Mountain Lion are the best company and operating system out there. Also the Mountain Lion will be prowling through long grass because that’s its habitat and he owns that territory.

Scene 2 –

The user who is using the MAC moves the cursor up to the top and closes the movie, making the user realise that the LIVE footage of the animal is only recorded because its that’s over standard its a different quality to any of the operating systems can play. (Playing Windows of the park) . Obviously the movie player will be QuickTime Player because Apple own that and it comes built into the OS when you buy it, others could be VLC or even Windows Media Player but since we are showing off Apple i thought that QuickTime will benefit the advert, because people (Myself included) rarely use QuickTime and use VLC etc but seeing that it plays to that quality can hopefully build the users of that app up.

Scene 3 – In all of the recent Apple adverts theirs this dominate male’s voice overlaying the product this will also be portrayed in this advert just to keep that theme up. The voice will say something like ‘ You thought that was real didn’t you ? “. Then i decided to apply some copyright music to play over the background of the voice which is selling the OS. The Music will be apart of Imagine Dragons – Radioactive.

Scene 4 –

The music will still be playing in the background but well into the chorus, with the dominate male’s voice announcing that the operating system is here, then the music ends with the video fading out.

With recent Apple adverts they have a very metallic background, maybe white. But i will keep up with that tradition.

Next Post i will do is to, post my artwork for this advertisement and also the poster will be producing along with the ad. Thanks

CATS – Second Lecture


The Second lecture we started off with the homework we had been set and reviewed the answers that will on a picture on the end of the post. After that we split into groups and the task was to pick a game/logo etc then talk about it. For example colour scheme, history, reputation, what it means to us. I had a picture of the Apple logo because i am a big fan and i talked about my notes to the full class with my partner. These notes are in a picture also at the bottom of the post.

After this was over Madeleine set our first visual analysis task about the same task we did in class but a written document that had at least 500 words and the submission being the 19th October. This will be in the 19th October Post.