Visual Communications : Assignment 3 – After Presentation


After the Presentation today i will produce a couple of thoughts about my feedback, a couple of tweeks that Dave said i could do and then what of the tweaks i have done.

Overall i was happy with my feedback from Dave and the class, saying that they really like it but it needs a couple of tweaks to get the best out of the magazine.

This tweaks was :

  1. Alter text on the double pages
  2. Hypernation off
  3. Graphic on first page of the content double page, just induct the text more to the graphic.

What i have done …..

  1. Ive put word spacing from 0 to 30 to make the text easier to read and not conjoined
  2. Hypernation have been turned off
  3. The Graphic had stayed in the top left of the page as like a explosion dragging you in with the rock effect spurting out of it. So for the text instead of it having it just below the graphic i have moved it so its on a path out of the explosion.


Visual Communication: Assignment 2 Presentation


Here is my final presentation that i presented to the class, it isn’t updated and i don’t intent to update the presentation ill just update the content on my blog and then just say the reasons why i have changed them.

Here is the link of my final presentation:

Final Visual Communication Assignment 2 Presentation

I feel that i was more confident in this presentation because i had more confidence off the last assignment and also thinking that i had a good concept and design that really helped my confidence. Also the feedback i had of the class and Dave was amazing because he liked the design and it was only the letterhead that was the problem and try and link the letterhead to my business card that i have don’t in a recent post.