Self Initiated Project – Website after Feedback

After the feedback we had from the presentation, it was clear to me and from Sally and Kevin that my website wasn’t populating that right information that a website should have with its news articles and player profiles so thats exactly what I did.

You will see as you click in each different new articles down the side that i’ve added 2 more new articles and the news articles are real and fictional unlike lorem ipsum text i put in it for the presentation.

Also i have added profiles for 4 more players that you will see when you look at  squad.php.


Have a look at the updated site on

Self Initiated Project – After Presentation Feedback

After i presented my final (but not finished) website to Sally and the rest of the group, i got two pieces of feedback off her and Kevin. One was maybe a welcome box and a couple of information boxes would suit this page and then second bit was populating the website with more news boxes and images, this is something i was going to do over the summer.

In my research i researched how the professionals do it, here are their home pages :

Hull City :


North Ferriby United:


In these two websites in particular they are no welcome boxes or information boxes in where goes where.

But I altered my design to put a welcome box in there to see what sally thinks:


As for populating my website with fictional data about my football team, this is an ongoing process.


Self Initiated Project – Social Media

I have thought a lot about social media because that and texting is the main source of the communication between the players and managers at this moment.

At the moment there is no links from my website to the social media sites but I have created a Facebook for our new team next season which you will see here:

Also I am think about creating a twitter account for the team and then intergrate that into some sort of widget or feed into the actual website like a social feed, also a forum could be useful here.


Further Research

I was searching through for any support they give to other websites for their statistics and i found their pricing for football teams.


The main reason I have displayed this image is because it says you have to pay $19 to speak to your teammates which is an outrageous fee for something that doesn’t have to be uses when they are other types of communication.

This is something that I am trying to implement into my website with the use of a noticeboard. In the summer when the football team rebrands I plan to put a forum where the team can speak to each other for FREE!

Self Initiated Project – Inspiration

I have set up a Pintrest account where i can look at other peoples design to draw inspiration into my own work.

I have set up various borders like Infographics, this is where i am looking at the quality at other companies/peoples infographics to see what mine is missing.

Colour – I thought whilst i have got this account it would be a great tool to see other designers colour pallete to see what worked and what didn’t.

Flat Design- Flat Design is the next big thing in the world of designs, that much so Apple have incorporated it into there interface in IOS7 and whatever they do it catches a trend. I’m not so keen on IOS7 but looking at other peoples work on flat design has sold it to me and it might be inspiration for work in future projects.


Self Initiated Project – Advanced Mind Mapping with Mindomo

After my very basic site map i have done in a previous post sally has discovered and told the class about a great piece of mind mapping tool called I have therefore messed around and played a little on this website and created a mind map for my self initiated project about my sunday football team.

Here it is:


This is a great piece of kit and i will be using it for future projects.

I have also shared this mind map, here is the link: