Interactive Communication Design: Design 2




On my second design i thought i would try and copy the scrolling effect which i really like but thought to myself this is high end stuff and even some top web developers can’t even do this. The scrolling effect is when, you launch a site the first page is basically on long page cut into different sections. so when you click lets say ‘Sport’ it will scroll down to that section on the same page and show the content on their. I think its a really good idea for a portfolio because you can have the subjects as the first page and each section a different subject. The only negative thing about this is that if i get to year 3 the page will get longer and longer and the content will get bigger and bigger and this full website will grow in the number of megabytes that are held, which means it will take even longer to load up the age on a basic connection which is not good for the user.

Final Design to Follow

Visual Communications: Assignment 2 Personal Branding Ideas


I have Researched many of brands and found out that most of the brands for a web designer is just there name. Well i wanted to change this and maybe use my initials for a logo so people can remember me by. Here are the some of the logos i have created just for example:


but i wanted to get the edge that the Hull College Logo has



I also had this design where i wanted the R to interconnect the , like the Audi design


I have also put the 94 in my design just to make my logo more unique, because you wont find a freelance web designer with the name of Ross Barnett that was born in 1994. So i wanted people to recognize me for my logo.

A further post will show my final Design, and why i chose it.