Visual Communications: Assignment 2 Various Font types and Colours


After my final design i decide that i would look at different font types and font colours to depend what colours im going to have my logo for my business card and letterhead but also what colours i can allow to people who want to alter my logo.

Final Font Type: Noteworthy, I got this of the website DaFont and i think it shows off an web designers vibe. It shows yes they can code but they can also create fancy pieces of text and designs.

Final Font Colour: Ive gone for the bog standard black font colour here because i think it matches the font type which is like you have written the text yourself and you wouldn’t do that with any other colour. But i have also picked the red colour because of me being a Liverpool fan and liking the colour red, people will recognize me for my love of Liverpool and also shows change like a freelance web designer itself.

Here is the picture of the designs i created in Adobe Illustrator:

Example-of-Lettering-and-Colours Thanks

Visual Communications: Assignement 1 Final Design


Here is my final design that i have decided to stick to. Deathstar Productions is the brand but as you know the Deathstar has been traced in a way from Star Wars buts its fine to stick with it since ive done so much work developing the brand. Deathstar Production is a business that helps up and coming small businesses to multimedia services such as web and app development, Games design. I’ve kept the font and graphic dark because its relates to being in space and that the stars are the limit in some words.

Visual Communications: Assignment 1 Testing Different Font Types and Colours


In the image below i have picked my brand name just need to fit the graphic to a suitable type font and colour to make sure that they isnt any different meanings or it doesnt look right. Here is a picture of me picking 3 different type faces and a range of different colours to go with that type font.