Final Major Project – Store (Final Designs)

Here is my final design of the store that will be accessible at the final scoreboard. I got the inspiration for this store off this screenshot of Angry Birds: angry-birds-buy-currencies


Here is my version for Animal Hunt:

iOS 8 iPhone 6



Interactive Communication Design: Final Design



This was my final design and i had gone with the navigation being in the top header along with the logo.

  • Logo – The logo which i will be creating is for my own personal branding in the subject visual communications and i thought it would be great since im branding myself as this, it would be only sensible to implement this into my portfolio website.
  • Navigation – This will be a simple navigation bar where you click on the options and it will drag you to that page. Simple and not complicated.
  • Computer and the subjects – I really like this idea that’s why its actually in my portfolio website because it describes that i use computers etc. So i created a desktop like situation where the computer will be showing what subjects i do where the user will be able to access this by just clicking on it.
  • Keyboard – the keyboard is just there for show .

Site Map to follow