Final Major Project – Gameplay (Final Designs)

Here is my final design of the gameplay scene and which most of the action will happen. The structure has stayed the same of what the holes look like and where the moles pop up from. But the scoreboard has changed from some research where a simple text scoreboard is familiariOS 8 iPhone 6 with the top games on the app store like angry birds etc


Interactive Communication Design: Final Design



This was my final design and i had gone with the navigation being in the top header along with the logo.

  • Logo – The logo which i will be creating is for my own personal branding in the subject visual communications and i thought it would be great since im branding myself as this, it would be only sensible to implement this into my portfolio website.
  • Navigation – This will be a simple navigation bar where you click on the options and it will drag you to that page. Simple and not complicated.
  • Computer and the subjects – I really like this idea that’s why its actually in my portfolio website because it describes that i use computers etc. So i created a desktop like situation where the computer will be showing what subjects i do where the user will be able to access this by just clicking on it.
  • Keyboard – the keyboard is just there for show .

Site Map to follow

Visual Communications: Assignment 2 Various Font types and Colours


After my final design i decide that i would look at different font types and font colours to depend what colours im going to have my logo for my business card and letterhead but also what colours i can allow to people who want to alter my logo.

Final Font Type: Noteworthy, I got this of the website DaFont and i think it shows off an web designers vibe. It shows yes they can code but they can also create fancy pieces of text and designs.

Final Font Colour: Ive gone for the bog standard black font colour here because i think it matches the font type which is like you have written the text yourself and you wouldn’t do that with any other colour. But i have also picked the red colour because of me being a Liverpool fan and liking the colour red, people will recognize me for my love of Liverpool and also shows change like a freelance web designer itself.

Here is the picture of the designs i created in Adobe Illustrator:

Example-of-Lettering-and-Colours Thanks

Visual Communications: Assignment 2 Personal Branding Final Design


After my first couple of designs i have finally picked my final design. I cant wait to present it in my presentation just to get abit of feedback so if i had any improvement i could amend them straight away. Here is my Final Logo:


•Simple, Stylish, Elegant
•Font Type is Arty
•Has that look of a Web Designer
•Links to I planned for it to say and look like.
•Has that edge to it aswell, rather then it looking straight and boring
•Could also mean that the box is round a container
and in another post i will show you how i have implemented this logo into my portfolio website work i am doing that will be on the web.

Visual Communications: Assignment 2 Personal Branding Ideas


I have Researched many of brands and found out that most of the brands for a web designer is just there name. Well i wanted to change this and maybe use my initials for a logo so people can remember me by. Here are the some of the logos i have created just for example:


but i wanted to get the edge that the Hull College Logo has



I also had this design where i wanted the R to interconnect the , like the Audi design


I have also put the 94 in my design just to make my logo more unique, because you wont find a freelance web designer with the name of Ross Barnett that was born in 1994. So i wanted people to recognize me for my logo.

A further post will show my final Design, and why i chose it.