Visual Communications – Assignment 3 – 2 Double Page Layouts


I Started by researching a range of magazine from Fashion to Cars just to get some examples of how I could map out my double pages.


I don’t know what the magazine is called but I like how the image is on the left and side and then theirs a big outstanding sub header and then the text sitting bellow it in blocks, abit like my road map below:



Visual Communications : Assignment 3 – In Class Road Maps


In Class we cover various topics relating to Editorials and here is one, Road Maps

I will show evidence below that i have done a Road Map, may not be completed but it shows that i have the skills to develop a Road Map for my final project.

Road Map – A document or plan setting out the procedure for achieving a goal: “a road map for peace”.

So keep looking at my Visual Communications posts for Road Maps, for my magazine.

Roadmap Dummy