Visual Communications: Assignment 2 Final Business Card


After the PowerPoint on my final 3 business cards i like i finally decide to go for the more standard one which wont cost me much when producing it and also handing out my business cards because i can have a great big stack of them. Unlike if i went with the dog tags business card they would be made with steel costing more then card and then also having my logo and details indented into the steel this would cost more then a stack of card with my details on them. Also i think that the business cards made out of card are more suitable for promoting me as a web designer then dog tags because dog tags say something about my interests not my profession which in card will do because i will have all my information on there and it will define my logo with my name and profession unlike a dog tag business card. Here is the final image of the business card:



Visual Communications: Assignment 2 Business Card Research


I looked into Business Cards very deeply on the net. I have therefore produced a PowerPoint about the Top 3 business cards i really like and then a collage of all of the business cards i looked which will be presented in my final PowerPoint.

With the business cards i found i saw that yeah they could genuinely become my business card but it doesn’t say anything about me as a web designer. For Example the dog tags one, i like the concept and it matches my background of playing war video games and my enthusiasm of World War but still its doesn’t say ‘Web Designer’


And here is the final three PowerPoint:

Final Three Business Cards

With all this i think i have decide that i will do a simple and standard business card that will define my logo with my name and prefession this will also be represented in my final PowerPoint.